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The Calligra office applications will satisfy your needs for documents and data.

Calligra Words is an all purpose word processor aimed at academic, business and personal use
You can create informative and attractive documents with a few clicks of your mouse.Objects like pictures or charts can be easily created with a few clicks of the mouse and just as easily moved or changed, while the text just flows around it.
Calligra Stage is a powerful and easy to use presentation application
Calligra Stage comes with some amazing, stylish options for your slide backgrounds. Make your slides using images, videos, animation and more.Making presentations has never been easier! With the plug-in’s available in The Calligra Suite, there are more options than ever to add to your slides.
Calligra Sheets is a fully-featured spreadsheet application
It can be used to quickly create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, to calculate and organise your data in a neat manner.Calligra Sheets comes with options for General, Business, and Home and Family options with pre-set spreadsheets. It also comes with an astounding array of pre-set formulas.


Calligra Flow is used to make diagrams and flowcharts
Use Flow to make network diagrams, organization charts, flowcharts and much more.Flow also comes with numerous stencils that can be used to make anything you want. There are options for Networking, Renewable Energy, Chemistry, Building sites, and many other options to help you make your diagrams.


Kexi is a visual database creator
It can be used for designing database applications, inserting and editing data, performing queries, and processing data. Forms can be created to provide a custom interface to your data.Kexi stores all database objects – tables, queries, forms, reports – in the database, making it easy to share data and design.

14 Responses to Tour of Calligra Office Applications

  1. Rizwan says:

    Calligra Words is better than LibreOffice Writer and it is very good in handling .docx files

  2. Lilian says:

    I should test how well it handles formulas from .doc/docx. LibreOffice 3.5 couldn’t display them at all. And when I wrote them in LibreOffice, the guys that had to print the file couldn’t see the formulas in Microsoft Word 2007. The save was “Save to PDF” feature and that I took the laptop with me.

  3. linux says:

    But it doesn’t support Turkish…

  4. ali says:

    salut je viens juste de decouvrire linux j ai instaler opensus 12.04 et kubantu sur virtuel box et j ai tomber sous leures charme j essye d apprendre a les utilese pour me debarrasse de win 7 merçi pour vos efforts et bon courage

  5. pygant says:

    I have Chakra gnu/linux. i hope to use Calligra.

  6. BAReFOOt says:

    I wonder if “Words” it allows frame-based layouting (including margin/padding/etc), plus text flowing around free-form objects, auto-syllabification, multi-column layouts and definition of continuing frames so you can have the text in a frame automatically continue in the next frame/column at any place you like.

    Otherwise, I don’t see me ever using the word processor.

    And I assume that style classes that can inherit from other style classes, with a definable following style class, are a given.

  7. Exidor says:

    Can Calligra export an odt file in epub with more features than Sigil?

    • Inge Wallin says:

      I cannot answer that since I don’t know which features Sigil have. Which feature are you looking for that you lack in Sigil?

  8. lesco says:

    Is it possible to change the line width and color of a dispersion chart in Sheets? I can’t find the option.

  9. ludmiloff says:

    I’ tested the 2.5.2. It looks very powerful and promising. But the interface looks somewhat strange and unpolished – too large sidebars, zoom tool difficulties, no in-document editing for embedded objects etc. See my small review for details here

  10. wulan_kz says:

    This Suit Is Great! I am now desktopping Kubuntu , I hope it is more powerful in the future!

  11. Marc Meier says:

    Hi, All

    Is there a Haiku port?


  12. Eddie G. says:

    I’ve downloaded this and tried it. I’ts not bad at all! It’s a welcome relief from Open Office, but I think LibreOffice might have a few notches over this….I dunno…I’m still in testing mode….I’m going to use them side-by-side and sww that’s interchangable between them. Otherwise…this is AWESOME!!

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