Calligra Sprint was a huge success

It is already 4 days since I blogged about the Calligra Sprint that happend over the weekend. From the feedback I got everybody at the sprint really enjoyed it. We had good discussions in all the different parts. It was good to see the faces of some of our new contributors at the sprint and I think it helped them also to get to know the people they are working with.

I worked on markers (arrows and other things at the end of a line) and fixed some bugs that where still left in my branch. While doing so I found 2 bugs in our path shape implementation. They got fixed by Jan Hambrecht shorty after I discussed them with him. It helps if you just can walk over to the other developer and show him the problem.

Here is a  screenshot on how markers look:

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2 Responses to Calligra Sprint was a huge success

  1. Mark says:

    It is good to hear that Calligra is coming along. A KDE base LibreOffice/OpenOffice replacement would be so cool. Unfortunately I was not able to get the beta running on Kubuntu. So I am curious if (compared to Kword) it is/will be possible to disable/hide the docker. I would so much appreciate the extra screen space.

  2. moltonel says:

    Thanks for working on markers 🙂

    I recently tried the calligra beta in my ever-frustrating quest to find FOSS to make beautiful flowchart diagrams easily, and the lack of arrows in calligra was a show-stoper (although th rest was quite good). I’ll try again with the next beta, then 🙂