Google Summer of Code started

Hello out there! Are you a student and interested in hacking on Calligra? How about doing a gsoc Calligra project. Have a look at the ideas page. You will find some interesting ideas there. But don’t feel limited by the ideas given there. If you have your own cool idea which you would like to see realized in Calligra your can also propose that. The ideas page is just a helper to see what we might think be interesting. Gsoc is a very nice way to get you started contributing to a project.

To discuss about a possible gsoc proposals, how to best tackel the thing you want to archive, or any other question you might have join the development IRC channel: #calligra on or send a mail to the mailing list. Also don’t be shy about proposing a project

Gsoc is a very nice way to enhance you knowledge about coding and get experience in real projects.

Hurry up! You got till Friday to apply and submit your proposal. Have a look at the timeline.

We are looking forward for your applications.

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