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8 Responses to calligra_words_spring

  1. Gil says:

    This office suite looks great. My wife (a Mac user) has always complained about LibreOffice being too basic and ugly.
    Admitedly I´d like to see the same and hopefully Calligra can be the “premium” office suite for Ubuntu.

    • AntiGil says:

      Dear Gil, Calligra is nice, but either both you and your wife are blind and LibreOffice doesn’t accommodate your needs or your wife is made up and you’re just a pathetic marketing ploy…

      • Anti-AntiGil says:

        ****, man. Did you really need to respond TWO YEARS later to say that? He was just excited and *gasp* had an opinion on the internet. Just chill out.

  2. Luz y sonido en Guadalajara says:


    Este software esta genial pero me llama la atención que no esta disponible el enlace para descargar Calligra para plataformas de Linux como Ubuntu.

    ¿Saben si estará disponible por medio del Ubuntu Software Center?

    Gracias y ¡enhorabuena por este fantástico pedazo de software!

  3. Harold Kuntz says:

    This looks ok but wouldn’t just using LaTeX make a better document?

    • Nemo says:

      It probably would, but unlike LaTeX you don’t need a college degree in using the software to achieve what you want…

  4. Sergio Acuña says:

    No encuentro manera de instalarlo en MAC. ¿Podrían indicarme la manera de hacerlo?

  5. anderson says:

    Vou testar para ver se é bom mesmo, valeu desenvolvedores essa ferramenta é fantática 🙂

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