Calligra 2.4 Beta 2 Changelog


  • Do not allow blur negative radius for shadow (282969)
  • Fixes random crash in converter tool (267327, 274868 and 280310)
  • Improve saving of special shapes to SVG.
  • This speeds up handling of groups with a lot of child shapes.
  • Fix loading of documents from Synphony.
  • Add support to search from the current cursor.
  • Do not transfrom the whole path shape, but only its geometry (280348)
  • Text layout
    • Another step closer to perfectly handling alignment mode list positioning.
    • Implement support for alignment in alignment mode ().
    • Start number is always a positive number.
    • Fix table row grow with an anchored shape.
    • Fix picture is displaying in wrong position with wrong size (275552).


  • Improvement of footnotes and endnotes (275597).
  • Save notes configuration.
  • Fix anchoring.
  • Make sure that notes get saved and get displayed after first page.


  • Fix missing initial recalc with excel binary documents (282128).
  • Fix crash on expanding the selection to the column header.


  • Main Window: “Open Recent” page becomes more generic “Welcome” page.
  • Added “Import, Export or Send” menu item and assistant.
  • When copying CSV to clipboard use native line endings.
  • Improve information for recent entries.
  • Fix loading recent entries for server databases.
  • Fix availability of some features (“import tables” button, project navigator…) when closing project.
  • Fix data entry for time type in forms (272994)


  • Fix resource drag and drop.
  • Add new view category: execution.
  • Add capabilities help texts to schedulers.
  • Improve schedule editor.
  • Add a time scale zoom slider.


  • New splashscreen for Beta 2.
  • Fix crash when removing layer (282769).
  • Change the direction of the speed sensor curve.
  • Retain opacity, composite op and channel flags when merging layers.
  • New system to execute actions.
  • Fix layout of PPM export dialog.
  • Do not show Krita in the office category of the menu.
  • Fix resolution of shapes (282261)
  • Fix filter preview (281572)
  • Fix JPEG filter to work with lcms2.
  • Fix transformation of shapes.
  • Move the favorites to the end of the blending modes list.
  • Fix the checkbox behavior of the composite op combobox.
  • Use F2 by default for incremental save.
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