Calligra 2.4 Beta 3 Changelog


  • Make Marble only optional dependency of Calligra’s libraries, not required.
  • Allow to convert to PDF files using calligraconverter.
  • Text layout
    • Fix borders around paragraphs in a list.
    • Fix indentation when importing files from Libre Office (278260)
    • Fix painting of spell check decorations.
    • Make sure borders are drawn even when scrolling (278260)
  • Add support for rectangular and square gradient (274909).
  • Remove split view functionality (278000, 265200 and 239309).
  • Make sure clicking beyond the last text block puts cursor at end.
  • Lot of improvement to the DOCX and PPTX filters.


  • Fix: Cursor not shown at clicked position in a loaded document (284351).
  • Fix: list label being moved to next page when paragraph is split across pages.
  • Fix: some page numbers become invisible.
  • Add support for formatting of page numbers (278258).
  • Make sure the footnotes are shown at the bottom of the main area (278258).


  • Fix: support of explicit line-breaks in rotated text (283070)


  • Preliminary version of the Global Search box, new feature of Kexi 2.4 is now available. It can be used to quickly locate objects (tables, queries, forms, etc.) by name in large databases. It is accessible using Ctrl+K keys. More information available on a blog entry.
  • Simplify background below menu to make it flicker less.
  • Fix setup of main window shortcuts and actions.
  • Select first item in the Project Navigator when focused if there’s no selection.
  • Fix crash for larger CSV (Comma-Separated Values) data import (282936).
  • Changed Form Design Toolbar icons order and set to have text under icon.
  • Updated Kexi handbook has been published at Its offline version will be released with final Kexi version.


  • Fix scheduling of resources that works during daylight saving time changes.
  • Disable optimistic/pessimistic estimate for milestones.
  • Gantt chart: remember zoom and scale settings (284349).
  • Keep schedule selection up to date.


  • Fix: crash when saving an integer image to EXR (284145).
  • Fix: the color preview block keeps showing colors if the image is grayscale (281039).
  • Rename: “Flake Shapes” to “Vector Layer”.
  • Fix pixelize filter to iterate over the whole image (279491
  • New autobrush type using gaussian for softer brushes.
  • Fix layout of color to alpha filter dialog.
  • Fix: crashes when the user have two running instances and one is closed (259262).
  • Fix: tool not following locking after using the text tool (282533).
  • Fix: loading/saving of clone layers (283610).
  • Optimize the creation of a flood selection (268212.
  • Improve performance of the non opengl canvas (282485).
  • Make it possible to get ICC profiles from GHNS.
  • Fix: the reset zoom action.
  • Fix: freezes when loading documents.
  • Fix: crashes when changing the configuration of filter masks (281660.
  • Fix: saving of ORA files should not use the locale decimal seperator (283255.
  • Fix: crash when saving brush with same name as brush that has been deleted (282858).
  • Fix: crash when opening the scratch pad.


  • Trigger layer docker update when shapes are added or removed.
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3 Responses to Calligra 2.4 Beta 3 Changelog

  1. Tusker says:

    I like the changes for Calligra and the emphasis on typical end users. There is one shortcoming in Tables that particularly affects those who use Tables for accounting and financial analysis. The lack of an “accounting” cell format where the currency symbol is left aligned in a cell and the value is right aligned in the same cell.
    € 23.20 € 23.20 The left is the accounting format while the right is the currency format the
    € 4,523.00 € 4,523.00 only financial format currently in Tables.
    € 652.30 € 652.30 All financial and accounting statements are presented in the accounting
    € 5,198.50 € 5,198.50 format. There is great deal of difference in the”presentation” factor for end users. As someone who uses this format on a regular basis it means that tables is not useable by anyone in the financial industry. Libre Office & OOo also have this same problem. The only Linux spreadsheet that is has this format and is useable is Gnumeric. While it might be a little late to see this added in 2.4 it would be greatly appreciated if it could appear in future versions. It is a major useability issue for many typical users who are heavy users of spreadsheets on a daily basis..

  2. Alex says:

    Some questions…

    Will text be able to flow on both sides of a photo/drawing/graph in C Words?
    Will there be a windows installer available?

  3. jstaniek says:

    @Alex yes, Calligra for Windows installer is in very active development.