Calligra 2.4 Beta 4 Changelog


  • Fix saving quadratic bezier curves.
  • Improve loading speed of patterns.
  • Use the same tool on the mouse and tablet (283130 and 285501).
  • Do not show text boundary when printing (285740).
  • Fix zooming in stage, flow and words.
  • Fix saving of GIF images (285311).
  • Text
    • Improved handling of style inheritance (parent styles)
    • Support embedded fonts.
    • Improvement to the developer documentation.
    • Fix numbering of list items (278263).


  • Improvement to loading paragraph and character styles from DOCX files.
  • Fix image anchor for document with more than one page.


  • Fix the cell background being invisible for autofilter popup cells.
  • Fix import of autofilter properties from XSLX files.
  • Performance improvement for recalculating formulas.
  • Fix ‘whole column’ and absolute definitions in XSLX formulas (284601).
  • Performance improvement when loading files (284325).


  • Global Search, new feature of Kexi 2.4, now operates like Google Suggest i.e. offers full-text search. It can be used to quickly locate objects (tables, queries, forms, etc.) by name in large databases. More information available on a blog entry.
  • Link Buttons of the Kexi Menu Assistants have no longer hardcoded sizes. This is visual and accessibility improvement.
  • Fix crash when using a query as a report data source and switching to design view.
  • Fix placement of context menu for widgets on Kexi Forms (283568)


  • Fix tooltips for work package owner and transmition time.
  • Performance views
    • Fix items should not be selectable or editable.
    • Fix resize the view when columns are hidden.
  • Update reports automatically when schedule changes (286495).
  • Use calendar popups for all date-times (286413).
  • Initially expand resource group in the Task resource allocation dialog (286332).
  • Remember zoom and scale settings in resource assignment Gantt chart (284349).
  • Enable moving views and categories using drag and drop in the view selector.


  • Fix display of a 2 pixels border at certain zoom level (276870)
  • Fix crash on moving layer with applied transparency mask (255617)
  • Fix calligraconverter hanging when converting files to ORA (285827)
  • Use a new icon for the multi hand tool.
  • Port the rotate action to the strokes framework.
  • Fixed updating canvas after crop (250146).
  • Fix conversion from CMYK 16bit to 8bit change the visual appearance (281761).
  • Fix update and loading of clone layers.
  • Improve CMYK support in PSD files.
  • Better preset pack.
  • Improve the dyna tool options docker.
  • Fix crash in the grid brush (285805).
  • Fix crash on moving masks to root layer.
  • Fix color management of display (285382).
  • Fix crash when using color picker and move tools on empty images.


  • Text
    • Fix crash when cancelling adding a table.
  • Fix crashes with some EMF files (286715 and 286713).
  • Fix legend labels when not defined as region but within the local data-table (285440)
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