Kexi Advanced CSV Export Dialog

Kexi Advanced CSV Export Dialog

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5 Responses to Kexi Advanced CSV Export Dialog

  1. Ferdinand Vogrin says:

    Using Ubuntu 18.04.1 and Kexi 3.1. Newbie! Cannot find success in trying to export the results of a query.

    • Jarosław Staniek says:

      I think there is some regression which would be addressed in 3.1.1.

      • Davide Rigo says:

        Do you know when will be updated o 31.1.?
        Working with kexi (basically as a tasks database) since 2009, now I’m in hard troubles due to this export bug (kexi crashes when I try to export on a spreadsheet – for example- results of some query).
        Thanks in advance

  2. Dudley H says:

    Ubuntu 18.04 and Kexi 3.1.0 Export Data to a File does not exist in the 3.1.0 ubuntu version

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