Calligra Mobile

The Free Mobile Office Suite

Calligra Mobile, released for Maemo and MeeGo, is the only free office suite designed for mobile devices, from tablets to mobile phones. It offers a full set of viewing and editing features for text documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Calligra Mobile, formerly called FreOffice, is based on the Calligra Suite engine.




Calligra Mobile is compatible with the OpenDocument standard and can read binary Micrsoft Office and OOXML files with excellent fidelity. Embedded pictures, charts and graphical elements are all preserved.

Your Office in Your Pocket

With Calligra Mobile, you have everything with your to work work on the go. Get mailed a document, read it, and reply with your remarks. Visit a conference and present straight from your phone — or use your phone to control a Stage presentation running on your laptop. Write a blog and publish it your WordPress blog. Quickly translate a document in Kannada to English. Access your Google Docs document repository or your presentations on Slideshare.

Handheld innovation

Support for Google translate, blog intergration, presentation control by shaking your phone, digitally signing ODF 1.2 documents, RDF support (tap a name in an annotated document and phone that person), virtual keyboards in many languages, presentation highlight by touching your phone screen or scribbles on the canvas. Speech recognition — there are many reasons to use Calligra Mobile, and even more to join the fun of developing this cool piece of software.


Part of Calligra since 2010, Calligra Mobile is being joined by Calligra Touch, a Qt Quick-based version of Calligra Mobile. Calligra Touch will be part of the Plasma Active project.

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