Calligra 2.4 Beta 2

The Calligra team is proud and excited to release the second beta version of the Calligra Suite. Since the start of the Calligra effort, we have had a long and very productive development phase. In the mean time we have released four snapshot versions, also known as alphas, to give the users a chance to see what we are doing.

This second beta is the result of the continuous polishing work done by the development team. We are aiming for the final release in November 2011, but already now you can see many bugfixes and improvements. Look in the full list of changes for more details.

News in This Release

The highlights of this release include:

Productivity Applications

For the productivity part of the suite (word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program) the target user of version 2.4 is the student or academic user. This version has a number of new features that will make it more suitable for these users.

Words, the word processor has improved anchoring and better support for footnotes and endnotes.

Tables, the spreadsheet application, has a crash fix and improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel.

Kexi, the database application, has many small fixes including improvements in handling of CSV files.

Plan, the project management application, has a new view category: execution, and improvements to various editor functions.

Artistic Applications

The artistic applications of the Calligra Suite are the most mature ones and are already used by professional users everywhere.

Krita, the drawing application, has a new splashscreen and many bugfixes.

Common Improvements

The architecture of the Calligra Suite lets the applications share much of the functionality of the suite with each other. Many common parts have seen improvements since the last beta release. Here are a few of them. For full details, see again the list of changes.

  • Improvements in text layout.
  • Improved SVG support
  • Speedups of among other things group shapes.

The native file format of Calligra is the Open Document Format, ODF. Compatibility with other suites and formats has always been a priority and as usual all the import filters for Microsoft formats have received attention and improvements. At this time, the Calligra import filters for docx/xlsx/pptx are the best free translations tools available anywhere.

Try It Out

The source code of the snapshot is available for download: calligra-2.3.82.tar.bz2


Users of Ubuntu and Kubuntu are urged to try the daily snapshots prepared by Project Neon. Paste the following in a terminal window and you’ll find Calligra installed in /opt:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/ppa \
&& sudo apt-get update\
&& sudo apt-get install project-neon-base \
   project-neon-calligra \

You can run these packages by adding /opt/project-neon/bin to your PATH.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux provides Calligra packages in the [kde-unstable] repository.


Fedora is working on packages and expects them to be available within the next two weeks.


There are OpenSUSE Calligra packages in the unstable playground repository.


Gentoo has Calligra packaged in Portage, tagged as unstable.


Calligra ports are available in Area51.

Windows and OSX

Work has started on a Windows package of the Calligra Application Suite but we are not done yet, so for a Windows build, you will have to wait. We would welcome volunteers who want to build the Calligra Suite on OSX.

About the Calligra Suite

The Calligra Suite is part of the applications from the KDE community. See more information at the website http://www.calligra-suite-org/.



The project management application

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11 Responses to Calligra 2.4 Beta 2

  1. Lucho says:

    Thanks, i’m installing Calligra Beta 2. It seems great!

  2. Jon says:

    Installing now too. Was so tired after hours of overtime today, but cannot wait!

  3. Josh says:

    It was mentioned that someone is working on making Calligra 2.4 compatible with Windows 7. May I ask if installing Calligra on Windows 7 will require the KDE-Installer for Windows (the KDE Windows Initiative as it is called) or no? I hope that Calligra for Windows will not require the KDE-Installer for Windows.

  4. Stuart says:

    Calligra on Windows will not require the KDE-Installer for Windows, it’s being packaged up as a single Windows Installer (.msi) file and possibly as a more familiar setup executable to cater for users without some dependencies installed on their machines. The intention is to provide a quick, simple and familiar process for those just requiring the Calligra Suite.

  5. Josh says:

    @Stuart, thank you for the information. I can’t wait! I’m so excited about installing Calligra on my Win7 PC. It shall be AMAZINGGGG.

  6. Bob says:

    I discussed this earlier, and I do not mean to get fixated over one thing but i forgot to ask:

    Are there plans to eventually make doc and docx usable in calligra? (other than only reading)


  7. Josh says:

    Just an FYI for those who care, Calligra Beta 3 should come out by Halloween according to the release plans. I’m hoping that although the release has been delayed (Calligra was originally scheduled for release in September), that it won’t push back the release of a Win7 version.

    • Boemann says:

      I’m not getting this. How does an American holiday have an influence on when the windows installer is released.

      Or if you didn’t mean anything with the Halloween reference, then how a later date for release will make it less likely to have the windows installer.

      Oh and finally I wouldn’t say the release has been delayed. We release when we are ready. As we release more and more alphas and betas the projection for the final release is constantly reevaluated. So though you can choose to call it a delay, I just see it as a better and better guess on when we release.

  8. Josh says:

    Well considering you misinterpreted everything I said, I really don’t know how to respond to your comments other than to point out that you didn’t understand what I wrote/said. I think my point was that according to the release schedule beta 3 is set for an October 26th release (which I’m assuming it’ll miss by a few days) and it’ll be released by Halloween. What you have against Halloween, I’ve no idea nor do I care. I was also concerned about whether the delays of KDE Calligra would ultimately effect the Win version of Calligra, whether Linux Calligra and Win Calligra would be released at the same time or whether a Win version would be pushed back.

    • Cyrille Berger says:

      Beta are usually released on time. We never make a promise on stable release date, so we never miss the date, and we never announced a release for September. I also have limited knowledge on the holidays in the country where I live, even less in countries where I don’t live, so yes, release schedule is set with total ignorance of those things. Now that I have clarified the bits on the release schedule.

      Calligra, as a project, release only source code, not binaries. So we don’t make “Linux” or “Win” releases, those are handled by someone else, “Linux” binaries are handled by the distributions, and “Win” binaries are handled by someone from within calligra’s community, however, his schedule is not related to the calligra source code release schedule. In other word, the binaries schedules and the source code schedule are not related to each other, depends on time of their respective contributors, and have limited influence on each other (except that the source code release always precedes the binary release), so the “Linux” binaries are not slowing down “Win” binaries, nor is it true of the other way around. I hope it did clarifies the source and binaries release question.

  9. boemann says:

    I’m sorry if I came out cross in my last reply. I just didn’t get what you point was. I have nothing against Halloween, but was rather confused why you mentioned it in so close relation to our release schedule. I’m still confused actually if you mean it has an impact or if you just used it as a time reference.

    I appreciate you were just trying to be helpful, but sometimes it’s not productive if too much speculation is spread around.

    And as far as I know we are releasing beta 3 tonight as scheduled on the 26th.