Calligra 2.4 Beta 7

The Calligra team is proud to announce the seventh beta version of the Calligra Suite. This is hopefully the last beta before the first release candidate but there may still be more if any new serious issues are found.

News in This Release

There is now a hard feature freeze and no more new features are allowed into Calligra. Therefore almost all changes since the last beta version are bugfixes. One new feature that did sneak in despite the freeze is an improved text statistics docker that lets the writer view the document statistics (#words, #characters, etc) in real time.

The focus of this release has been to continue on improvements of saving and roundtripping. This means that a document should contain the same information after loading and saving it as it did before the cycle. This is the final focus area that needs to be addressed before the final release.

Other than saving, one bad set of issues with inheritance of styles was fixed in this release and of course the usual amount of crashes and normal bugs are fixed. And also as usual the team is grateful for all bug reports in this and other areas.

The mobile user interface Calligra Active is not affected by the freeze and has two new features: Selection and Copy for text and a Custom Slideshow feature. Calligra Active was also featured in an article on Linux Weekly News about mobile versions of free office suites. It’s well worth a read. (For people reading this on February 1st or earlier the article is for subscribers only but it will be made available for the public on February 2nd.)

Try It Out

The source code of this version is available for download here: calligra-2.3.87.tar.bz2. Also many binary packages are available for various operating systems and distributions. This release is packaged for Windows by KO GmbH, and you can find it on their download page.

We would welcome volunteers who want to build the Calligra Suite on OSX.

About the Calligra Suite

The Calligra Suite is part of the applications from the KDE community. See more information at the website

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7 Responses to Calligra 2.4 Beta 7

  1. Javi says:

    There’s a bug that makes impossible to compile some components if other ones, for example Tables, aren’t installed. Please, look here, especially the last 3 posts:
    and here:

    It seems a silly bug that I think you should correct before release 2.4 is published and lots of people who have been waiting plenty of hope in this so promising suite for this stable (and usable, at last) release get a deception.
    Anyway, congrats for your work. I’ve been testing this last beta and I think at last it’s ready to substitute LO on my computer, :).


  2. John says:

    The Windows build appears to be out of date.

  3. linuxboy says:

    In calligra words, I cannot change the line spacing. What’s the matter?
    I’m using chinese.

  4. linuxboy says:

    In calligra words, line spacing cannot be changed, either english or chinese.

    • boemann says:

      yes, it doesn’t work. We’ll try and fix it in an upcoming point release. (it’s too late for 2.4)

      • linuxboy says:

        Features request:
        1. Add formater painter;
        2. In multi language document, I can use more than two fonts for fomatting it, like ms office:
        In global document setting, I can use western fonts to display english and number character, and use chinese fonts to display chinese character.
        Is it abailable in calligra 2.4?
        Thanks in advance!

  5. iain says:

    May I humbly ask that someone, somewhere adds a link to more recent binaries for Windows – in any form, installer, zip whatever. The current installer for Windows is Beta 3… but it barely runs. If there isn’t a newer version for windows anywhere, than can I suggest you remove the link to the Windows Binaries altogether as they are virtually unusable in their present state and for anyone trying Calligra it will be a hugely disappointing experience for them – and may put them off in the future.

    Even if you just display a huge caveat, that would do!

    I have KDE in linux and in Windows and love it, Calligra is that final missing piece.