Beta 3 Packaging Updates

Since releasing Calligra 2.4, beta 3 we’ve received three updates from packagers!

First came Andreas Huettel for Gentoo. He says:

I’ve just committed the ebuild for Calligra 2.4 beta 3, i.e. in Gentoo app-office/calligra-2.3.83, to the portage tree. If all goes well this is going to be the last beta version before Calligra 2.4

Gentoo users rejoice!

Then Jonathan Riddel told me that Paolo Dias has packaged the latest beta for *buntu — *buntu users now have a choice between project Neon (follows git master) and the official releases of the Calligra and Krita teams. This is the ppa:

It’s experimental of course, but very, very welcome!

Finally, for Debian users there’s great news: the qt-kde debian project has packages available as well now, thanks to Adrien. Right now it’s beta2, but when Adrien returns from his well-earned vacation, he will update it to beta 3. Just follow these instructions:

According to the webpage (, You have to
add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb experimental-snapshots main
deb-src experimental-snapshots main

In order to get repository key, install the pkg-kde-archive-keyring

aptitude install pkg-kde-archive-keyring

then you can install calligra with :

apt-get install calligra

And if you are interested in Krita, join us next Saturday on #krita on freenode for the bug day! Help us find bugs so we can fix them in time for the next release!

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17 Responses to Beta 3 Packaging Updates

  1. Brad Pentecost says:

    I appreciate the news. How about Windows? I was enthused with the news of work on a Windows release. I appreciate the work that is being performed for other OS’s but I need something that runs on Windows. Nothing against the alternatives to Windows, but, like MOST others, I have to collaborate at work and peers who also work, with Windows. I would think that if an organization would want to “get the product out there,” they would pay some attention to the vast majority of users out there, who happen to use Windows. I don’t want to sound like a spokesman for Microsoft, but I have to use it in my occupation and am really interested in your project. But… same-same. You might be very crafty about making software that people want to use, including myself. But, your marketing skills are severely lacking. Lame launch.

    • Josh says:

      I completely agree, Brad. And the numbers do prove what you say. With Windows (XP, Vista & 7) making up 77.7% of the usage share of operating systems. Not to mention that ALL manufacturers (other than Apple) sell consumer desktops or laptops that come pre-installed with Windows 7 only.

    • JanKusanagi says:

      Probably the mswindows target is not all that close to release-quality yet.
      Anyway, your mswindows people can use libreOffice while you use Calligra, the formats are the same, OpenDocument.

      I think the “lame launch” part was uncalled for.

    • IgorD says:

      IMHO, “Lame launch” is not a constructive and polite way of making a discussion.

  2. bo says:

    installed this

    everything crash unless calligra-other is installed!

    • anonymous says:

      Also, the calligrawords package lacks the binary. Probably something went wrong during packaging.

      Keep up the good work!

  3. Marko Knöbl says:

    I think the information about the Debian packages is incorrect: At the moment there are no Calligra packages in Debian’s Qt-KDE repository.

  4. Marco says:

    Same problem with Kubuntu 11.10, it need calligra-others to work

  5. JanKusanagi says:

    Calligra available for my Debian, nice 😉

    Looking very good, thanks for your work!!

    • Marko Knöbl says:

      Did you actually manage to install from the Debian repository? For me it seems like the repository is basically empty and only contains the pkg-kde-archive-keyring. This was confirmed by a Debian Developer on the debian-kde IRC channel.

      • Adrien Grellier says:


        I am working on it now, but I am quite new in Debian packaging, so I need to learn a lot of things 😉

        I will post a message here when it will be available… hopefully by the end of this week 😉

  6. Brad Pentecost says:

    I retract “lame launch.” I agree it was uncalled for. I let my emotions get the best of me. Just venting. I still eagerly anticipate trying your product.

    • Toñín says:

      I would love to see Calligra on Windows too. I’m a Linux user and don’t miss Windows nor I think I’m going to use it never again on my own computers, but, as you said, we live in a Windows world and from time to time I have to use other people’s computers (at mi girlfriends’ flat, for example) who would allow me to install a word processor but they aren’t too eager to let me install a complete operating system on their machines.
      I have seen some sites with indications for installing Calligra on Windows, but the process seems too rambling, and since manpower in libre software normally isn’t excessive I suppose we’ll have to wait (or learn programming and contribute with the work) till February, at least that’s why I interpret from the date in this page:

      • C. Boemann says:

        That date in February doesn’t mean much. The windows installer is mostly ready, but Calligra on window has a bit of a problem loading anything besides odf files. It a weird little problem that is being worked on.

        So it’s not like it will take until February. More like a week or so. No promises.

    • Jon says:

      Classy retraction.

  7. jospoortvliet says:

    openSUSE users: we will provide Calligra with the openSUSE 12.1 release (due in about 10 days). It will be in a separate repository as the Calligra release is not planned until December but we didn’t want you to miss out on the great features provided by 2.4!

    Obviously we plan to keep these packages updated. For the stable 12.1 release, newer Calligra packages can be found in the KDE:UpdatedApps repository.

    Users of other distributions might want to check out the premier KDE distribution – we offer something more stable (with an 8 month release cycle) and great availability of newer software with the unique rolling-release Tumbleweed and the many packages on the OpenBuildService (almost 160.000 packages by over 30.000 developers, beating ANY distribution out there). See for a download. Note that 12.1 will be out soon!