Calligra 2.4.2 Released

The Calligra team has released version 2.4.2, the second bugfix release of the Calligra Suite, Calligra Mobile and Calligra Active. This release contains a number of important bug fixes to 2.4.1 and we recommend everybody to update as soon as possible.

Bugfixes in This Release

Here is an overview of the most important fixes are in 2.4.2. There are several others that are not mentioned here:


  • Speed improvement on layouting large documents (BUG: 298216)
  • Fix image effects ‘grayscale’ and ‘mono’ (BUG: 260434)
  • Fix saving of patterns
  • Fix painting artefacts after snapping has been used (BUG: 260418)
  • Fix adding word to dictionary (BUG: 298794)
  • Fix crashes when using the color set popup (BUG:298412)
  • Fix compilation with CLANG compiler


  • Use masterpage background correctly (BUG: 299639)


  • Fix crashes when saving query design


  • Do not fill layers that cannot be edited (BUG: 300082)
  • Fix loading of layer name from Gimp files having bad encoding (BUG: 298994)
  • Fix crash on opening pdf with special characters in the path (BUG: 298611)


  • All standard 2D chart types be loaded and displayed now.
  • Saving of all chart types above work.
  • All crashes that happened when switching between different chart types are gone.
  • Load correct data series in case of stock charts

Try It Out

The source code of this version is available for download here: calligra-2.4.2.tar.bz2. Also many binary packages are available for various operating systems and distributions. This release is packaged for Windows by KO GmbH, and you can find it on their download page. There is also a separate package or Krita only.

We would welcome volunteers who want to build the Calligra Suite on OSX.

About Calligra

Calligra is part of the applications from the KDE community. See more information at the website

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3 Responses to Calligra 2.4.2 Released

  1. kaare skyum says:

    I’m not aprogrammer myself. I just want to pay my credit to you wonderful people who run this project. Thx a lot !

  2. Redi says:

    Yes! I can finally use it! 😀
    Thank you. Now I can switch to KDE 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    I tried compiling kexi on Mac OSX. With a few minor tweaks (which may have been wrong) I did get it to compile, but the resulting executables crash immediately. I am happy to provide error messages and code diffs if someone thinks they can help me get it up and running. Is there anyone, and should I post in the forum, or report these through the bug tracker?