Calligra 2.4.3 Released

The Calligra team has released version 2.4.3, the third bugfix release of the Calligra Suite, Calligra Mobile and Calligra Active. This release contains a number of important bug fixes to 2.4.2 and we recommend everybody to update as soon as possible.

Bugfixes in This Release

Here is an overview of the most important fixes are in 2.4.3. There are several others that are not mentioned here:


  • Always show vertical scroll bar to avoid race condition (BUG: 301076)
  • Do not save with an attribue that makes LibreOffice and OpenOffice crash (BUG: 298689 )


  • Fixed import from csv when “Start at Line” value changed (BUG: 302209)
  • Set limit to 255 characters for Text type (VARCHAR) (BUG: 301277 and 301136)
  • Remove limits for Text data type, leave as option (BUG:301277)
  • Fixed data saving when focus policy for one of widgets is NoFocus (BUG: 301109)


  • Read and set the resolution for psd images


  • fix load/save styles of all shapes (title,subtitle,axistitles,footer,etc.)
  • Lines in the chart should be displayed (BUG: 271771)
  • Combined Bar and Line Charts only show bars (Trendlines not supported) (BUG:288537)
  • load/save chart type for each dataset (BUG: 271771 and 288537)

Try It Out

The source code of this version is available for download here: calligra-2.4.3.tar.bz2. Also many binary packages are available for various operating systems and distributions. This release is packaged for Windows by KO GmbH, and you can find it on their download page. There is also a separate package or Krita only.

We would welcome volunteers who want to build the Calligra Suite on OSX.

About Calligra

Calligra is part of the applications from the KDE community. See more information at the website

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11 Responses to Calligra 2.4.3 Released

  1. gregzeng says:

    It can read/ import some/ all Microsoft .doc files, but the earlier ‘bug’ – not writing the edits to a .doc file … is that fixed yet?

    Too scared to try, after reading the users’ experiences with previous buggy versions of this beta-ware.

    • Cyrille Berger says:

      Support for writing doc files does not exist, so I fail to see how it can be considered “buggy”, it is simply not part of the feature list of Calligra.

  2. K says:

    Make Calligra able to edit .doc and .docx as and save .doc and .docx as well!

    • boemann says:

      well edit is obviously not a problem since we can load it. And as far as save goes, it’s just not on our immediate todo list. We simply don’t have the manpower. For now you will have to save to odf.

  3. burak says:

    What Redi says. Please make it compatible with LibreOffice if possible.

    • Cyrille Berger says:

      It is indeed a higher priority, and it should work for the features set supported by calligra, if you are experiencing trouble, I am suggesting to report them on so that they can be investigated.

  4. ivano says:

    when will a stable release be available for windows?

  5. Victor says:

    Onde posso fazer o download para windows do Kexi ?