Calligra 2.4 Snapshot 1 Tour

Introduction To The Calligra Suite

The Calligra Suite is a set of applications that allows you to easily complete your work. There are office applications, as well as Graphic applications. There is also a comprehensive set of plug-ins. The Calligra Suite is unique because not only does it consist of the normal word processor (Words) and spreadsheet (Tables) applications, but it also brings you Graphic applications as well.

The Calligra Suite consists of 8 applications, the office applications are Words, Tables, Stage, Kexi, Flow, and Plan, and the graphic applications are Krita and Karbon. Each application is unique and aimed towards normal personal and professional uses.

The Calligra Suite runs on all platforms. The Desktop edition runs on Windows, Linux and other Unix variations. Calligra Mobile currently runs using the Maemo 5 OS, and Meego platforms.

Common Features

Use The Calligra Suite is create to different environments and builds with different feature sets. When setting up The Calligra Suite you have the ability to choose which applications you wish to install. Customise The Calligra Suite installation by using any of the 20 plug-ins from shapes to text fields in any manner you want.

Open Document Format – Uses ISO standardised format that is compatible between many office suites / applications and also one that is decided as national standard in many countries. ODF is the primary setting in The Calligra Suite, however it allows you to open any supported file types, edit them, and then save them as ODF. This allows it to be compatible with numerous other suites such as,, LibreOffice, Google Docs, Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office, and many others.

Calligra Desktop

The dockers concept : With the flexible user interface, tool bars can be moved and pulled off the main window, and placed in your
desired spot. The tool-bars of The Calligra Suite are not locked in position, they are easy to move, and place wherever you desire. They also can be removed and placed as separate windows. This ability makes the layout look much cleaner and is targeted towards wide screens.

Embeddable Objects : There are many shapes that you can insert into your document, such as geometric shapes, sheet music score, and many more amazing options. All of these shapes are available in all applications, which makes implementing these objects much easier.

Office Applications

1. Words is an word processor application with desktop publishing features. You can create informative and attractive documents with a few clicks of your mouse. This application is simple to use. Adding images and graphs is as easy as dragging them into the document. If you don’t like the placement of the image, simply move it around and while you are moving it, the text will automatically wrap around it. Adding charts and spreadsheets is also that simple, and it’s easy to re-size and rotate them as well.

2. Stage is a powerful and easy to use presentation application. Stage comes with some amazing, stylish options for your slide
backgrounds. Make your slides using images, videos, animation and more. Making presentations has never been easier! With the
plug-in’s available in The Calligra Suite, there are more options than ever to add to your slides.

Stage in Presentation Mode

3. Tables is a fully-featured spreadsheet application. It can be used to quickly create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, to calculate and organise your data in a neat manner. Tables comes with options for General, Business, and Home and Family options with pre-set spreadsheets. It also comes with an astounding array of pre-set formulas.

4. Flow is used to make diagrams and flowcharts.

Use Flow to make network diagrams, organization charts, flowcharts and much more. Flow also comes with numerous stencils that can be used to make anything you want. There are options for Networking, Renewable Energy, Chemistry, Building sites, and many other options to help you make your diagrams.

5. Kexi is an integrated data management program, used to make databases and inserting and processing data. Forms can be created to provide a custom interface to your data. All database objects – tables, queries and forms – are stored in your database, making it easy to you share data and design.

6. Plan is a project management program, geared towards projects with multiple resources.

Use Plan to moderate your projects adequately. Plan offers different types of task dependencies and timing constraints. The usual
use case is to define your tasks, estimate the effort needed to perform each task, allocate resources and then let Plan schedule the
tasks according to network and resource availability.

If needed the project can be rescheduled while retaining original schedules for comparison. The ability to reschedule from the current state of the project can typically be used when the execution of the project does not go according to plan, resource availability changes or tasks have to be added to or removed from the project, is allowable with this program.

Task progress can be entered in different detail depending on the need for progress monitoring, from a simple percent completed to the more detailed time used per resource and estimate of remaining effort. These detailed progress reports enable the program to calculate the earned value and performance index calculation.

Graphic Applications

1. Krita is a sketching and painting program. Krita offers an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters. Krita supports concept art, creation of comics and textures for rendering.

2. Karbon is used to make vector graphics. This program is great for users starting to explore the world of vector graphics and for
artists wanting to create breathtaking vector art.

Calligra Mobile

Calligra Mobile is the version of the Calligra Suite that is aimed at mobile users using a tablet or a smartphone. It contains
applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations combined into one application.

Calligra Mobile shares all the advanced core features with the desktop variant of The Calligra Suite such as compatibility with the OpenDocument Format and Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, XP, 2007 and 2010, and a large set of built-in shapes.

In addition to the standard set of features, Calligra Mobile helps you take advantage of the hardware it is running on which means you can include pictures from the built-in camera directly into your documents! Use your smartphone for presentations and use your touch screen and the Calligra highlighting functions to point out areas of interest in your slides! Use your smartphone for reviewing documents while on the bus, train or airplane!

Calligra Mobile is mainly aimed at being a document viewer but can also be used for proofreading by using the basic editing functions that are included.

Stage in Calligra Mobile via Desktop
Tables in Calligra Mobile via Desktop
Words in Calligra Mobile via Desktop
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45 Responses to Calligra 2.4 Snapshot 1 Tour

  1. xiaohanyu says:


  2. jaume says:

    Wow! It’s very cool! 😛

  3. Ari says:

    Excellent job! Go go go!! 🙂

  4. JanKusanagi says:

    Looks great!

    Congratulations on the snapshot release, and on this tour, which shows everything very clearly to the users 🙂

  5. faczever says:

    Buena pinta! 🙂

  6. Marko Knöbl says:

    Congratulations! I’m looking forward to installing it.
    What about Braindump? The announcement by Inge mentions it. Is it part of the snapshot?

  7. Dimitrios T Tanis says:

    Excellent!! I just love the dockers concept. It is far more user friendly than the traditional toolbars. You can place them wherever you want.

    Keep it up guys.

    Now only if you could get a Windows version through, ASAP I would replace LO in a heartbeat!

  8. adalid says:

    Es grato saber, que desarrollen nuevos programas o mejor dichos nuevas opciones. Espero sigan adelante.

  9. biteater says:

    What date the final is released?

  10. PieroAlbertoAngela says:

    When released?

  11. uetsah says:

    “the office applications are Words, Tables, Stages, Kexi, Flow, and Plan”

    I hope “Stages” is a typo… It sounds very weird.

    “Stage” – as it has been called until now – sounds much better (and more logical).

  12. Martin says:

    What is the licence of this project?
    The main features of OpenOffice.Org/LibreOffice are the ODF format and the LGPL licence. Together they make it possible to integrate OpenOffice.Org/LibreOffice in most use cases without being a lawyer or braking the licence.

    I truly enjoy watching this project, but there seems to be a different way to communicate compared to LibreOffice. LibreOffice and OpenOffice.Org mentions the LGPL licence often in their public communications.

    Is this a open project usable in a business or government setting?

  13. Gaurav Prabhu says:

    Looks interesting. Can’t wait to try it out.
    Good Luck.

  14. Diogo Bohm says:

    Wow, impressive! Keep up with the good work!

    Never used the other (former KOffice) suite software besides Krita (which I’m a huge fan of), but plan to test them right away, specially Plan, Words and Stage. Plan needs some polishing on the interface, but nonetheless they all look amazing.

  15. Joseph says:

    Seria bom que as barras pudessem ter a opção de se destacarem da janela, como no Gimp.
    Que os botões fiquem menores e que a barra superior possa ser ocultada para zé ganhar espaço.
    Que as funções apenas apareçam quando o usuário for precisar delas.
    O layout precisa ser mais clean e mais personalizável.

  16. piovisqui says:

    Looks nice, I will try 🙂

  17. Michael Olivera says:

    Felicitaciones Calligra,
    Cuando va a ser Calligra liberada al publico???
    Michael Olivera

  18. Danilo says:

    Is Plan still active? It’s site results in a 404 error. Up to reading this article, I thought it was abandonned. I ran into KPlato and thought it was dead. Then I figured out it was renamed to Plan, but thought it was dead too. It looks too good to look dead. =)

  19. Antonello says:

    Hello, it’s the first time I’m hearing of this project, but congratulations, it seems promising.
    My just 2 cents:
    1) add an “about” (or add to this page) where you state that this is an evolution of koffice. Nobody heard of “calligra suite” but most power uses know at least what koffice is.
    2) point on android. Meego is nice, but it has already been killed. It is quite clear now that the players in the mobile space are android, iStrangeNames and Windows Mobile

    All the best!

    • Wolfgang says:

      Will Meego still be supported? Even though it will not have a long future, it is a very system for developers and thus doesn’t get much attention from many big companies. It would be very very nice to know something shining like Calligra suite will be around for the next years on Meego.

  20. Assassin says:

    How to get Calligra Suite 2.4 version for Windows 7(64bit)? Thanks!

  21. morris grenfeld says:

    Based on the images posted, the package doesn’t look very polished.
    1) The heading “Spring is coming” isn’t centered.
    2) Text runs into the inserted picture.
    3) The interface looks cumbersome and it doesn’t look like there are many features/tools, as the pallette looks extremely sparse.

    • Cyrille Berger says:

      The screenshots were made more than six months ago, for the first snapshot, and the new text layouting engine had just been commited, so yes, very unpolished, but a lot of progress has been made since then, and I am sure than your point 1) and 2) have been addressed.

      As for, 3), the interface is still far from being perfect, but Words is going to features a different interface in 2.4, which we hope is more suitable for a word processing package. As for the sparsity of the palette, it is context sensitive, so it does not show all the features at the same time.

  22. jose says:

    hello, i’m looking for something like calligra, becouse we are saying good bye M$Office, ¿there’s a version for windows?, i am trying introduce Ubuntu but, this take time.

  23. Rikil Shah says:

    Sounds awesome. I think it’s time that I should move to KDE from GNOME! 😛

    • boemann says:

      Not that I wouldn’t welcome another KDE user, but you don’t really need to change your desktop in order to run KDE applications (or vice versa)

  24. ahmedg says:

    I think we need to get a website that shows people how to use these tools using video tutorials.

  25. mrz says:

    Anybody know what Calligra actually does on the N9 (Meego/Harmattan)? I have all armel-specific .debs listed here: (although not necessarily those versions; in fact I think they came with the phone) installed, but there is of course no office app of any sort installed on the N9, other than that document viewer (hence why I’n wondering if it’s some kind of stripped down version?). When I run dpkg -L calligrameego | grep bin, for example, it tells me there are no binaries in that package (the only files that come remotely close are somewhere under /usr/share/kde4/…./apps/.. ; although I’m pretty sure I checked everything at that path and all I found was a bunch of icons or directories containing the word “icon” somewhere in their names).

    Of course there is that document viewer, as I said. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

    • boemann says:

      yes the viewer use calligra to show the documents, but with a custom interface on top that doesn’t expose any editing capabilities

  26. ulli says:

    Looks very promising! I will certainly check it out.


  27. Jose says:

    Wow you rename KOffice

  28. Michael says:

    Great software and FREE too. Thanks and keep it up! I am going to enjoy this one.

  29. Hadi says:


  30. Rino says:

    wow massive and very impressive fine work!!! Beautifull Team!!!

  31. marchois says:

    It seems to be very nice
    I’ll try it

  32. GeorgeK says:

    Congratulations for the great work!
    Another excellent piece for the OpenSource world!!!

    • Kell says:

      Will Meego still be supported? Even touhgh it will not have a long future, it is a very system for developers and thus doesn’t get much attention from many big companies. It would be very very nice to know something shining like Calligra suite will be around for the next years on Meego.