Calligra 2.5 Release Candidate

The Calligra team is proud to announce the release candidate of the Calligra Suite. Compared to the beta, this new release contains many bug fixes. However, a regression was made in this release and will be fixed in the next release (see bug 303696).

Try It Out

The source code of this version is available for download here: calligra-2.4.92.tar.bz2. Also many binary packages are available for various operating systems and distributions. This release is packaged for Windows by KO GmbH, and you can find it on their download page.

We would welcome volunteers who want to build the Calligra Suite on OSX.

About the Calligra Suite

Calligra is a KDE community project. Learn more at

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One Response to Calligra 2.5 Release Candidate

  1. Ghermain says:

    Estoy probando Kubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3 que trae por defecto instalada esta suite de oficina Calligra pero no me gusto para nada, no permite guardar en formato .doc solo .odt y no es muy confiable con los PPt, PPS y las hojas de cálculo; al ver archivos hechos en MSOffice no guarda la estructura, prefiero LibreOffice que aun con algunas fallitas es mucho mejor que Calligra, de hecho ya la desinstale y puse la suite de Libreoffice 3.6 Beta que anda muy bien.