Calligra 2.8.2 Released

The Calligra team has released a bugfix version 2.8.2 of the Calligra Suite, and Calligra Active. This release contains a few important bug fixes to 2.8.0 and we recommend everybody to update.

Bugfixes in This Release

Here is an overview of the most important fixes. There are several others that are not mentioned here.


  • Move Export to PDF command to the Export menu section instead of the Print section for conformance with other office suites (bug 332603).
  • Fix “Missing import filter” bug when saving if not extension is specified (even if selecting a File type is set to a format) (bug 328975).
  • Use native file dialogs on Windows.


  • Make Rich Text property false by default for Text Editor form widget. Rich Text often causes misbehaviour.


  • Fix resetting the slider spin box when double clicking on it (bug 330165).
  • Ignore tablet press/release events which did not produce any sane buttons (bug 331925).
  • Added support for ‘evdev’ tablets (bugs 332239, 331572, 329641).
  • Save line smoothing options between runs of Krita. This is really needed for low-level tablets like Genius to filter the trajectory they report to us.
  • Make Krita auto-recognize axes labels of Evdev tablets. The labels are stored in a special property of the XInput device.
  • Recognize Surface Pro 2 tablets on Windows (bug 331922).
  • Fixed size of predefined images.
  • Set default gradient to alpha (bug 329008).
  • Clean up the layout of the Transform tool.
  • Hide unused settings for stroke in the Path tool (bug 331556).
  • Fixed memory leaks in brush handling.
  • Fixed memory leaks when resources fail to load.
  • Fixed memory leaks when creating strokes (bug 331592).
  • Don’t crash on creating a file layer in Krita Gemini (bug 332871).
  • Improved splash screen.
  • Fix loading plugins for Krita Gemini.
  • Save tags with special characters properly (bug 332708).
  • Fix removing of tags, don’t load or save dummy tags.
  • Add import for PSD layer groups (bug 289857).
  • Fix translation issues.
  • Fix startup of Krtita Sketch and Gemini.

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About Calligra

Calligra is part of the applications from the KDE community. See more information at the website

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9 Responses to Calligra 2.8.2 Released

  1. Windows says:

    Where is WINDOWS 7 version?

    • Jarosław Staniek says:
      • Windows says:

        Yes, and I as I said in the previous post for the previous version, I went there, and going to the KDE on Windows link does nothing. I even downloaded the installer, and then when I go through that and, I see EVERY KDE program, but nothing to do with calligra…unless I’m missing something?

        • Jarosław Staniek says:

          Deployment is largely separate matter that will be hopefully sorted out by volunteers, so please spread the word… Currently manual compilation using KDE for Windows’ emerge is needed. This is because KDE release of the kde-installer is the old 4.10.2 so Calligra package has not been updated. Calligra project, like entire KDE, distributes source code only. In place where there are volunteers (such as for Krita), installers exist. Similarly based on popular demand I am looking for a way to fund solid installers for Kexi.

          • Windows says:

            So, basically, then, Calligra Suite is *not* available for Windows? If that’s so, whomever does the Wikipedia entry (English) for Calligra needs to reflect such; as that is how I look for different Word Processing and Office Suite Software.

            Impressed, however, with Krita! Works nicely with Windows.

          • Gregg says:

            I would like to spread the word… what do you suggest? What needs to be done?

  2. Jarosław Staniek says:

    @Gregg Thanks! One need is to reaching community of Windows users by blogging, maybe sending emails to groups if you’re active there, talking about the matter to software people you may know. We need contact to people that build (compile) software on Windows and would be interested in regular maintenance of Windows installer(s) for Calligra apps. To be productive we depend on splitting the tasks. We’re offering everyday support in getting through the build process, just more people are needed who keep the Windows-side of Calligra – even if it’s highly portable, installer(s) do not appear automatically.

  3. Daniel says:

    I’ve installed Calligra 2.8.2 in ArchLinux and Bug 328975 is still present. When I try to save a file there is not format/filter options in file dialog. So if you don’t know what is the file extension, saving a file is impossible.

  4. smo says:

    I can confirm that the bug 328975 is still present in 2.8.2 running on Arch Linux. Even when I add an extension like (using words) .odt to a file name in the “save as” dialog i’ll get the “missing filter” error and it’s impossible to save anything.