Calligra 3.0.1 update released

We have released a bugfix update of Calligra. The 3.0.1 version contains the following fixes:


  • Fix crash in move command when using arrow keys
  • Respect container boundaries when moving shapes by arrow keys
  • Remove shape manipulation handles when the tool is deactivated
  • Always display shapes in the the same order in the ‘Add shape’ docker


  • Improve formatting of scientific numbers
  • Fix save/load of cell borders


  • Bug 376469: Bad month calendar in Work & Vacation
  • Day numbers where not initialized correctly.
  • Manually entered dates where not parsed correctly.
  • Use default currency symbol if the currency symbol is not explicitly set


  • Fix crash when chart type is changed
  • Fix crash when a chart component is deleted
  • Fix crash when x- or y-axis is removed
  • Fix ui when editing axis label
  • Limit moving chart components to chart boundaries
  • Fix edit font dialog: Keep the axis fonts QFont size in sync with
    KCharts fontSize
  • Fix save/load of axis label font size and font family
  • Save/load legend alignment flags
  • Do not save axis label if it is not visible
  • Always do legend alignment when legend becomes visible.
  • Make axis dimensions translatable
  • Add undo command for hide/show titles
  • Add undo command for add/remove axis
  • Respect margins/spacing
  • Handle resizing in a reasonable way
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12 Responses to Calligra 3.0.1 update released

  1. cilang says:

    how to update on Ubuntu 17.04?

  2. Jan says:

    Woohoooo, good job! \o/

  3. Gauthier P. says:

    Cool !
    I hope it’ll solve my border displaying in sheets, currently it’s really broken (some appears, some other don’t, … Let’s try this !

  4. John Paul Yates says:

    What was the Calligra team thinking about when you began developing the application set for version 3?!?! The three most important features to ANY Office suite are: 1) the word processor 2) the spreadsheet and 3) the presentation package. How could you drop the presentation package, but include Karbon, some vector graphics program that doesn’t even belong in an office suite!!! Of the 3 packages that were dropped (Stage, Flow and Karbon), Karbon was the absolute, least important!!! Like Krita, it doesn’t really belong. This was a MAJOR mistake on your part. This is a misappropriation of resources, so take Karbon out and add Stage back in. And TRY to add Flow back into the suite, if possible. This is so disappointing.

    • boemann says:

      Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that with free software. If it were up to me that is exactly what we would be doing. But people work on what interest them. And no one had interest in working on stage. We cannøt force people to work on something they know nothing about and that doesn’t interest them

  5. S.A. Ross says:

    I just tried downloading Calligra, and the links for MS Windows come back with a ‘not found on this server’ error.

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