Calligra provides the Engine for Nokia’s Harmattan Office

Mobile giant Nokia has just released the Linux based N9 model. Among the applications that are bundled with the smartphone the user will find the office application Harmattan Office.

Harmattan Office is a document viewer based on the Calligra Office Engine which is part of the open-source Calligra Suite. This application provides an advanced viewer for documents in the OpenDocument Format, binary Microsoft Office documents, and Microsoft OOXML documents, as well as PDF.

Nokia has developed the Harmattan Office application together with the Calligra community and companies like KO GmbH. The result is the best mobile office document viewer available anywhere, outperforming all comparable proprietary applications on smartphone platforms.

Thorsten Zachmann from Nokia said in his presentation at the Free Desktop Summit in Berlin this summer that soon after the N9 model is released, the Harmattan Office UI will be released as open source software. The improvements to the Calligra Office Engine are already in the Calligra source repository. This is the effect of Nokia working in cooperation with the community.

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6 Responses to Calligra provides the Engine for Nokia’s Harmattan Office

  1. Keith Z-G says:

    “This is the effect of Nokia working in cooperation with the community.” It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? We live in a very business-centric world, and often people figure that the values of Open Source projects won’t lead to good products or businesses, but in actual fact such partnerships benefit both sides immensely. It’s too bad Nokia’s board of directors is entirely incapable of understanding this. Alas . . .

  2. someone says:

    This is very good news. Does this mean Harmattan Office updates coming with the official firmware updates for the N9??

  3. Randy says:

    Will there be an editor and when will it be released on the N9?

    Kind regards


  4. Tem101 says:

    Maybe S.E. from Microsoft shot this down. So much for the office stuff! I think there’s Nano for N9, use that… 😀 Anyway, at least the document viewer of N9 is not totally useless.

  5. ulises says:

    Hi, how I can get, or install calligra in my Nokia N9? Help me please.
    Best regards

    • Inge Wallin says:

      You don’t have to. If I remember correctly, it’s installed from the beginning at the factory. The name is Harmattan Office.