Sizeable donation from Handshake Foundation

We’re glad to announce that we received donation of 100,000 USD, which is part of 300,000 USD offered to our KDE organization. Quite appropriate for a birthday present, as the KDE project just turned 22 this last weekend! It’s true recognition for KDE as one of the world’s largest open source project.

More information: KDE e.V. receives a sizeable donation from Handshake Foundation.


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12 Responses to Sizeable donation from Handshake Foundation

  1. Gustavo says:

    Congratulations for both KDE as a whole and Calligra for a well deserved compensation! I hope this results in better software (but to be honest I know it will) and as an invitation to others to donate more often.

    I understand it might be soon to talk about this, but by any chance, do you already have any plans for this donation? What parts of Calligra will you prioritize?

  2. Tobias says:

    Will you even support Krita with this money, or is Krita no longer part of calligra?

  3. Tobias says:

    Thanks Jarosław, that answered the second part of the question, but my main question is now:
    Will you support Krita with this money too, even it is no longer part of calligra?

    • Jarosław Staniek says:

      That’s indeed a good question to a community of contributors (, not web page comments 🙂 No single individual is administering the funds. From the other hand since 1998 Calligra/KDE developers probably donated more than that sum in the hours and currency spent. But development tends to be run not by hiring someone unless it’s outside of Calligra (e.g. Nokia, KO, OOPL…).

  4. hernan says:

    just a quick sugestion, the software can be good, but if it has no users, after 20 years (staroffice, openffice) LibreOffice hasnt made to much progress, is far better adapt software to the user to try otherwise, ribbon could not be patented, take advantage, make a clone ms office with the same look and feel even the same hotkeys, is the most used software, even existing libreoffice many prefer office wps, because it is what they are used to work everyday, very few will waste their time adapting to something new

  5. Wein Dein says:

    make it beautiful looking & format support all please. I want to use calligra as office suite app.

    Great News!!!

  6. João Paulo says:

    This text is an automatic translation by Deepl. Sorry for any errors.

    Hopefully this donation will be used to hire two or three programmers 35 or 40 hours a week for a year, just working in Calligra. I suppose they would have to be young people looking for work experience or something, because no one who has to support a family is going to be very interested in a position for which there are only funds for approximately one year. But in any case, I think Calligra, and most of the Linux ecosystem in general, needs more professional manpower, to make Linux development their way of life, to which to dedicate all their working time, and not just their hobby to which to dedicate the little free time they have; and this kind of donations of a certain amount would be very beneficial if they were used in this way.

    Having said that, I would like to make some suggestions in case one day there would be human resources to implement them:

    – Support for MarkDown documents.
    I think more and more people are moving away from “big” and complex formats like ODT and using MD when a document doesn’t require too much sophistication. Unfortunately, almost all MD editors out there use one window to edit the document and a different window to see what you are actually writing, when in my opinion that mode of work should be optional and the WYSIWYG should be the usual one, to see what we are really doing, not a coded representation that bothers the eye more than anything else. I wish Calligra Words could be the first native Linux editor compatible with MD WYSIWYG. There is Uncolored, which is based on Electron and I think abandoned ( and Typora, which is excellent and I recommend you to keep an eye on it and copy ideas (, but it is captive Electron-based software.

    These other suggestions I make thinking of all the document types that Words supports, not just a hypothetical MD support:

    – A “no distractions” mode, like Ghostwriter:

    – Typewriter” mode, such as Typora:

    – Side panel to show the document’s index, like almost all MD editors:

    – Side panel with the content of the folder, so that with a quick click we can browse the folder viewing documents, as in almost all MD editors:

    – Thumbnails of the documents to show in that panel with the view of the folder. Something similar to what RSS clients or applications like Evernote do, but using thumbnails of documents that Dolphin uses, for example.

    – Improvements in Words design: The tool panel is awful. Why is it so wide if 2/3 of the space it occupies is empty? Wouldn’t it be better to rationalize it a bit and make good use of the space so that it bothers as little as possible and leaves as much surface as possible to view the document without so much distraction?

    Anyway, I have many more opinions about Words, but obviously I can’t list them all here.

    I want to thank you for all the effort and unpaid work you do. Free software people have a generosity in giving so much without asking for anything in return that is not normal, unfortunately, in this miserable world. I only hope that those 100.000 € serve to mitigate some of the deficiencies that Calligra has.
    In Germany or France the salaries are higher, but in Spain, Portugal or Greece, for 2,500 – 3,000 € a month you can hire a computer engineer; and in America, Africa or Asia, for much less. Perhaps to consider the possibility of transferring part of the development to countries with a lower cost of living and so much lower wages, would be important in a world as scarce of funds as it is the one of the free software. Better to have 4 or 5 hands and 4 or 5 heads than just two, right?

    Greetings, and best wishes to the whole community.

  7. João Paulo says:

    Sorry, I meant US dollars, not euros, of course.

  8. Romário says:

    Was this donation actually put to any use? From what I’ve seen in the commit log, the last meaningful commit was from march this year and the last release was almost a year and a half ago.

  9. Chris says:

    I can’t help but think Romário may be on to something. Forget the money for moment — is this project even still alive? I have been hoping for an official update for sometime now, but each time I check I am again disappointed.

    If you are a user of Manjaro Linux (as I am) you have been receiving “unofficial” (if that is what they can be called) minor updates since the release of 3.1.0. Most of the Calligra apps for Manjaro are now at 3.1.0-17 except for Plan which is at 3.1.0-1. I can’t help but think these are system specific updates which have been created by the Manjaro community, but I could be wrong.

    What I like about this project is its refreshing, and original approach to office work. No — I don’t think a ribbon interface is required, and yes there is a distraction free mode (I don’t know where João is coming from with this comment). But there does need to be a “Windows” version for this program. It also need to be able to support the “docx” file format better. As for these additional funds going to support the Krita project (where I am afraid all the money went because this seems to keep getting updated on a daily basis), that project seems to have a loyal base of developers and solid leadership and direction that it doesn’t need the money to hire outside help.

    And this is where I make my point. More than money, the Calligra Office Project needs better leadership, direction and more enthusiastic developers. This project has survived a lot over the years — especially during the transition over from koffice. But right now this project is in a down period where really there doesn’t appear a lot going on. This is where I am beginning to conclude that after 20 years it is likely dead. Krita is very much alive as is kmymoney and the kde desktop environment. But Calligra….? I am really hoping to hear otherwise.

    • Jarosław Staniek says:

      Guys, this is not a proper discussion channel, this is article from, 2018…
      Please use official channels where you can offer your support according to your preference. Thanks.

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