This is archival page, Calligra presentation app is now called Stage.

Here you find all entries we received for the Presentation Template Contest. You can view the html exported entry by clicking on the preview or you can download the entry by following the link below the preview.


Blue Orange Vector

Blue Orange Vector by Dhananjay Garg


Bokeh by Dhananjay Garg

Download Blue Orange Vector Download Bokeh
Burning Desire

Burning Desire by Dion Moult


Business by Pramod S G

Download Burning Desire Download Business

Carapace by Giacomo

Curious penguin

Curious penguin by Giacomo

Download Carapace Download Curious penguin
Darkly Yours

Darkly Yours by Brice Maron

Flood Light

Flood Light by Dhananjay Garg

Download Darkly Yours Download Flood Light
Glass Ripples

Glass Ripples by Dhananjay Garg

KDE events

KDE events by Damien Tardy-Panis

Download Glass Ripples Download KDE events
Mosiac Patchwork

Mosiac Patchwork by Dhananjay Garg

Noisy Orange

Noisy Orange by Dhananjay Garg

Download Mosiac Patchwork Download Noisy Orange
Open Penguin

Open Penguin by Mani Chandrasekar

Orange Brown

Orange Brown by Dhananjay Garg

Download Open Penguin Download Orange Brown
Orange Greyish

Orange Greyish by Dhananjay Garg


Purplish by Dhananjay Garg

Download Orange Greyish Download Purplish
Rounded square

Rounded square by Giacomo

Simple Blue KDE

Simple Blue KDE by Daniel Schneider

Download Rounded square Download Simple Blue KDE
Simple waves

Simple waves by Giacomo

Skyline Monotone

Skyline Monotone by Joshua L. Blocher

Download Simple waves Download Skyline Monotone
Skyline Monotone Wide

Skyline Monotone Wide by Joshua L. Blocher

Skyline Morning

Skyline Morning by Joshua L. Blocher

Download Skyline Monotone Wide Download Skyline Morning
Skyline Morning Wide

Skyline Morning Wide by Joshua L. Blocher

Skyline Night

Skyline Night by Joshua L. Blocher

Download Skyline Morning Wide Download Skyline Night
Skyline Night Wide

Skyline Night Wide by Joshua L. Blocher

Slate White

Slate White by Dhananjay Garg

Download Skyline Night Wide Download Slate White
Strange far hills

Strange far hills by Giacomo

Download Strange far hills

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