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Wow your audience with KPresenter!

The KPresenter Template Contest has finished on September 15. We are really happy with the number and the quality of the entries, and the fact that they came from all over the world. KPresenter 2.3 will be the first version of KPresenter 2 to ship with some really cool templates for you to base your presentations on. Thanks to these templates it’s easier than ever to wow your audience, your customers and your colleagues.

Some days ago the panel of judges, consisting of Thorsten Zachmann, Aaron Seigo and Eugene Trounev, sat down together — virtually! — to decide on the winners. As always, a difficult task. But these are the winners and will get a cool t-shirt:

1st place

Burning Desire by Dion Moult

Burning Desire

A very elegant and well designed entry

2nd place

Skyline Template Set by Joshua L. Blocher

Skyline Morning

A full set of a template with different themes for normal and wide displays

3th place

Flood Light by Dhananjay Garg

Flood Light

A very elegant and harmonized entry

But not only the entries of the three winners will be shipped with KPresenter 2.3, the following entries were thought to be so nice that they will also ship with KPresenter 2.3.

Blue Orange Vector

Blue Orange Vector by Dhananjay Garg


Business by Pramod S G

Curious penguin

Curious penguin by Giacomo

KDE events

KDE events by Damien Tardy-Panis

Rounded square

Rounded square by Giacomo

Simple waves

Simple waves by Giacomo

Strange far hills

Strange far hills by Giacomo

All entries that where submitted have been exported to html for you to have a look at and can be downloaded from the result page.

Thanks to all the entrants who have made this contest a success!

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