Tour of Calligra

Introduction To Calligra

Calligra offers a comprehensive suite of office, creative and management applications available on most platforms including mobile. Calligra is free software, which means you can use it as much as you like wherever you like.

Calligra uses the standard Open Document Format which makes it compatible with most other office applications. It also has excellent support for other office and graphics formats, which lets you import or work with files from many other vendors.

Calligra is extremely extensible and can handle many non-standard types of data in your documents. You can easily embed map data or web pages and have them go live in your presentation. Or you can connect to web services and import data from them into your documents or databases.

For Desktop Users
The Calligra Suite
For Mobile Users
Calligra on Mobile Platforms
For Integrators
Embed Calligra Components Into Your Own Applications
(Coming Soon)

Part of the KDE Family Calligra is created by the KDE community, one of the largest free software communities in the world. KDE also offers a set of computer workspaces for desktop computing, netbooks, and mobile platforms and an extensive set of applications.

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