Tour of the Calligra Suite

The Calligra Suite is Calligra for the desktop. It offers a comprehensive set of 8 applications which satisfies the office, graphics and management needs.

Office Applications
All the office power that you need

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Graphics Applications
Create stunning graphics with vectors or pixels

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Project Management
Keep full control over your projects

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Common Features
The applications in the Calligra Suite share some common UI concepts that gives it a modern look better suited for the wide screens of today. One of them is that most formatting is done using dockers which are placed at the side of the windows instead of on the top. This makes more space available for the actual document contents and avoids opening dialogs on top of it. If the user chooses, s/he can rearrange the placement of the dockers around the document area or even tear loose them and let them float freely. The arrangement is saved and reused the next time Calligra is opened.

Embeddable Objects
There are many objects and shapes that you can insert into your document, such as geometric shapes, sheet music score, and many more amazing options. All of these shapes are available in all applications, which makes implementing these objects much easier.
Standard file format
Calligra uses the Open Document Format (ODF) as its main file format which makes it compatible with most other office applications including, LibreOffice and Microsoft Office. It can also import the native file formats of Microsoft Office with great accuracy, in many cases the best you can find.

24 Responses to Tour of the Calligra Suite

  1. V Narayanan says:

    I admire the Stage – it works finely.

    However the Sheets require improvements if you intent to replace MS Office Suite

    Plan is simple and good


  2. Paracelzus says:

    Finally a suite where I can use all the features of the entire package instead just of one module (program), as in LibreOffice (which I used before) where one cannot use certain features in Draw that belongs to Writer and vice-versa. My favorite is Flow, where I can design everything from bunker schematics to my AMD 1100T CPU. I hope you keep it that way, so you can cross-use almost every feature from every program, and that you try to make the suite as feature-rich and state-of-the-art as possible.

    Keep up the great work! 😉


  3. Benjamin says:

    Please take in count academic users who require features provided by Zotero and Mendeley and who would also need a platform to read documents and articles, quote them, manage quotes and citation (so hard to find back after reading piles of documents), manage library, share notes and work collectively on documents (both in document creation and document analysis).

    • Anthony says:


      I would agree, I really like the clean interface and useful tools, but I am still having to use Libre Office as it will intergrate my references from Mendeley and that just saves me too much time to make a full switch whilst I am currently writing reports.

    • Frank Bennett says:

      It’s not full integration, but a plugin is available for Zotero that will work with Calligra (and other applications that can write ODF). (Multilingual Zotero offers a setting that identifies resources in the DB with a custom protocol link: if your system and Calligra can be configured to make it clickable, you get back-to-DB access to cited resources.)

  4. wulan_kz says:

    Calligra is REALLY a Powerful Office Suit!!! I admire the developing team ,and hope this suit grow big in the future !! thanks all the contributors!!

  5. moxiemontague says:

    I haven’t tried Calligra yet, being new to Linux and still trying to find my way around Mint. I don’t even have a KDE box at this point. But I’ll probably like Calligra if it’s character-based and not frame-based like KDE’s awful KWord.

    I was a WordPerfect-on-DOS guy for many years, all the way up through version 6. I stayed with WP after Novell and then Corel got hold of it, and I invested in three different versions of Ventura Publisher (Still the best DTP around and Version 10 is now more than 10 years old). Now I’m finally up against it. I can’t hang on any longer. I know MS will quit supporting Win 7 in a couple of years. I will NEVER adopt touch-screen computing. So I’ve got to get out of Windows and get into something else before I find myself being driven to do it and unable to make the transition.

  6. Edgar K says:

    It would be a great office suite if there were any integration of Zotero and/or Mendeley.

    • Inge Wallin says:

      Yes, that’s a good idea and I’m sure it will happen in the not very long future. But right now we have no short-term plans to do it.

      • Edgar K says:

        Thanks for the reply. I really like Calligra Words, but I will have to wait until features provided by Zotero or Mendeley are being integrated. At current it is almost impossible to use in academic environments.

      • James Laslavic says:

        Zotero integration is on my Must Have list as well! Too bad this isn’t taken more seriously. It’s a dealbreaker for a lot of academia, among other domains. As lovely as some of the other things being worked on are, they don’t satisfy needs the way this does.

  7. Steve Furches says:

    If you add Mendeley support, I will gladly switch!

  8. Petrillo says:

    Seems a great suite – but were’s the German translation?

    Also I often asked myself why nobody copies/adapt Outlook?
    Thunderbird and Lightning ain’t so useful as MS-Outlook – it’s the part of MS-Software I missed much.

    Thanks for your work!

  9. Jack says:

    Hi, it says on your /tour page that you can embed Web Pages and have them go live in your presentation… Sorry, I’m probably being a bit thick but I can’t find how to do this anywhere?
    Thanks 🙂

  10. Johan says:

    Hi, what about Kexi for windows?
    Is it included in the caligrasuite?


  11. Tim Paysen says:

    Calligra suite automatically removes my KRITA software–and vice-versa. Calligra word processor looks great, but not good enough to giver up my KRITA.

  12. Hady says:

    hi, can i use this calligra for business proposes? or its just free for personal usage?

  13. Michael Crespi says:

    It only shows up my MS Word documents. How do I open MS Excel spreadsheets?

  14. Rodrigo González López says:

    I love Krita, is by far the best open source software I’ve found to draw and illustrate manga.

    Your work is awesome.


  15. Dave says:

    I installed this software in Linux mint I found it totally confusing, I was not preprepared to spend days trying to figure it out,
    life is too short.
    all I get is a black screen with the right side having templates of something or other , and to top it all I have to go on line to read the manual, even you tube could not help so I removed it no thanks.
    I accept it is free but of no use to me what soever.

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