Tour of Calligra Graphics Applications

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If you can imagine it you can create it with the graphics applications of the Calligra Suite!

Create razor-sharp illustrations with vector graphics using Karbon!
Karbon supports advanced layered images usable for illustrations, instructions or any other use.
Karbon supports the SVG, the internet standard for vector images as well as many other industry-standard file formats.

3 Responses to Tour of Calligra Graphics Applications

  1. wulan_kz says:

    Krita Is more Professional than Mypaint , I think.

  2. Jag says:

    Krita is unbelievable. Didn’t expect this much of power and quality.
    It was long time i switched from Adobe Photoshop to GIMP (using only when my work requires it!) and now using Krita for digital painting. Though not having as many features like GIMP, the growth of Krita is substantial. Really love this software.
    Still tinkering with this and enjoying!

    Karbon looks great but i am used to Inkscape and switching to karbon will reduce my productivity. But i am going to use both Karbon and Inkscape side by side. Hope within a couple of months i will be fluent with Karbon.

  3. Jag says:

    Its wrong to compare krita to GIMP as i did in my earlier comment. I was wrong! I feel (and its my personal opinion) Krita belongs to a different breed of digital imaging software like Corel Painter (One of the finest painting software ever created, but very costly).

    I use GIMP more often for editing images, marriage photo albums which i receive and multitudes of work that a graphic professional does using Adobe Photoshop.

    Krita is like a dream come true for me. Corel Painter though stands unmatched, Krita is no lesser than Painter. Considering the features and the proportion Krita has grown its stupidity not to acknowledge this gem of software!

    Krita is a different breed and i love it!