Calligra 2.4 Beta 1 Changelog


  • A new tool docker
  • A new toolbar docker
  • Blur effect for shape shadows
  • Full support of ODF glue points
  • Tool shortcuts are now configurable
  • Handle unknown shapes


  • Make focus return to text input after clicking on tool option buttons


  • Increase maximum row count to 2^20


  • Outline mode


  • Modern menu
  • Mobile version
  • Web widget for Kexi Forms and web element for Kexi Reports
  • Map widget for Kexi Forms and map element for Kexi Reports and map flake shape


  • Stencil Shape support
  • KNewStuff3 support


  • A history docker showing the undo/redo history
  • The filter api has been refactored to make it easier to create new filter plugins
  • MyPaint brush engine support (experimental, will probably not be in the final release)
  • New color sources (pattern, gradient, random) for brushes
  • Improved convolution filters
  • New smudge+paint brush engine
  • Make krita work much better with large images
  • New blending modes (Arcus Tangent, Gamma Light, Gamma Dark, Geometric Mean, Vivid Light, Pin Light, Grain Merge”, “Grain Extract”, “Hard Mix”, “Copy Red/Green/Blue/Opacy”, Additive-Substractive, improved divide, Soft Light, Hard Light, Atop, HSY, HSV, HSL, HSI, dissolve and Overlay)
  • Made the burnd, dodge and color burn blend modes compatible with Photoshop
  • Create an experimental multihand-tool which allows the user to paint with several brushes at the same time
  • Add a workspaces features: you can save named configurations of dockers for different purposes
  • Add symmetry, mirror and translate mode for painting
  • Add a channel selection docker
  • Add new sensors and make it possible to influence a brush parameter with more than one sensor (like pressure, random, tilt and so on)
  • improve canvas rotation
  • Fix embedding of icc profile data in JPG and PNG files
  • Fix brush preset data when editing a .kpp brush preset file in Krita
  • Add support for DNG and Panasonic RAW2 raw image files
  • Make it possible to select different layers in different views
  • Improve the tiles backend to make projection updating faster
  • Improve scaling gui when using the transform tool
  • Improve handling of layerbox when using a tablet
  • Add an opacity setting to brush presets
  • Improve smoothing of the freehand tool
  • Make it possible to remove painting assistants
  • Split an image in a set of rectangles
  • Make painting obey channel locks
  • Improve compatibility with GIMP’s XCF file format (import only)
  • Improve painting speed with the default autobrush
  • The sketch brush now supports density, line width and offset scale sensors.
  • Integrate Get Hot New Stuff with Krita’s resource management for brushes, presets, patterns and gradients
  • Add hexadecimal input to the specific color selector
  • Load blending modes defined in OpenRaster
  • Make it possible to load single-layer PSD images (may not be in the 2.4 release)
  • Add opacity, size and flow sliders to the toolbar
  • The line tool now supports pressure and tilt
  • Add keyboard shortcut for changing luminosity of the active color (darker: K, lighter: L)
  • Configurable “Show just the canvas” mode
  • Improved selected color preview in the advanced color selector
  • Add simple support for BMP, GIF, XPM and XBM formats.
  • Add preset management to the preset editor popup
  • Improve the preset editor in many ways
  • Fix margins in export to PDF
  • Add a “save incremental” option which saves your work with an auto-incrementing suffix
  • Use brush presets in the right-click popup palette
  • Add Nepomuk and GIMP-xml-based tagging to all Krita resources
  • Make it possible to disable and enable the on-canvas preview of filters
  • Make it possible to add a new ICC profile from Krita instead of copying it to certain directories
  • Fix a problem where switching tools would make Krita, especially selecting colors, slower and slower
  • Smooth out the canvas zooming in non-opengl mode
  • New mode for the Text brush: it now can spray the letters of the text, one letter per dab.
  • The Image Docker, which makes it easy to create and browse sets of reference images.
  • New color selector based on the color wheel. Picking the three color dimensions (hue, saturation, lightness) separated from each other with this color selector should be more convenient.
  • Implement drag & drop between Krita and other applications, like Dolphin, Gimp, Gwenview, Firefox and so on, and more advanded drag & drop between instances of Krita.
  • New Text Tool: this places the text tool that creates artistic text vector objecs where users who come from Photoshop expect it.
  • Improve brush outline mode.
  • Add a splash screen to Krita.
  • Make it possible to add, remove and hide resources.
  • New implementation for the curve brush with curvy, recurvy and smooth effects.
  • Add taskset docker.


  • Configurable task colors.
  • Lockdown baselined project.
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