Calligra Words Receives Akademy Award For Best Application

Yesterday Calligra Words and its maintainer Camilla Boemann received the award for Best KDE Application at the Akademy award ceremony. The motivation for the award mentioned that they wanted to give it to the whole suite but they had to pick one application and one person.

Akademy is the yearly community conference for the KDE community. The jury consisted of the winners from last year.

The whole Calligra team should feel as receiver of this award and is very proud to be recognized in this way.  This will for sure motivate our future work.

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3 Responses to Calligra Words Receives Akademy Award For Best Application

  1. STiAT says:

    That’s great. The people behind Calligra are all doing a very great job. I really love to see an open alternative to LibreOffice, and I think that the Calligra Suite fills some empty gaps in my environment. Not using all of the tools for productivity tasks yet, but a few which really make the difference.

    All these applications moving to the cloud, but you can’t always do and save everything in a cloud. I really enjoy seeing Calligra stabilizing and being more and more a complete office suite on the feature side.

    I really can use Calc to a great extend already, though, Words is missing a few bits to replace LibreOffice completely (at the current stable state), but Flow really makes the difference and is a lot better than most alternatives I found. It’s great to see that all the hard work gets appreciated, and I’m sure in some day to come I couldn’t imagine my desktop without Calligra. Well, most likely I couldn’t already.

    Keep on the good work, it’s really starting to become a very competitive solution.

    • Inge Wallin says:

      Thanks for the praise. 🙂

      I think you will be happy with 2.5. We have worked a lot to remove the biggest misfeatures in various parts of the suite. This means that in addition to new features (which there are many) many features are also much easier to use and allows for a more efficient workflow.

  2. aztex says:

    Gracias por ésta grandiosa suite de trabajo.

    Les deseo mucho éxito.