Calligra 3.0 released

A new wonderful era for the Calligra Suite has begun with the release of version 3.0.

We have chosen to cut back on the number of applications. Krita has left us to be independent and although it was emotional it was also done with complete support from both sides. We are saying goodbye to Author, which never differentiated itself from Words. We also removed Braindump the purpose of which will be better fitted by a new application (nothing planned from our side). Flow and Stage has gone in this release but we intend to bring them back in the future. And Kexi has own release schedule but is still part of the Calligra community.

What’s New?

The 3.x series is built on top of KDE frameworks 5 and Qt5 which in and of itself doesn’t bring much new but it ensures that we stay current. It took a lot of effort which means we haven’t made many other new features.

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34 Responses to Calligra 3.0 released

  1. Joel Koreth says:

    Is there any specific reason why Flow and Stage have left this release? (Are they unmaintained?) I’m just wondering since it seems weird that applications that I would’ve considered integral to Calligra Suite skipped out on on its new release. Sorry for bothering.

    • boemann says:

      Yeah they are unmaintained. They are essentially ported though, so they are mostly left out because we couldn’t promise to handle them. I will pesonally make sure Stage returns even though I won’t promise to make improvements.

  2. JanKusanagi says:

    Congrats on the release! \o/

  3. Alex says:

    What I miss in the announcement: so Author, Krita, Brainstorm, Flow and Stage are not part of this release. Which applications are part of Calligra 3.0 ?

  4. boemann says:

    Word, Sheets, Karbon, Plan. And Kexi is on their own release schedule (but still part of the Calligra community)

  5. maverick74 says:

    Brainstorm, Flow and Stage are out?!?! WT………… πŸ™

    Author i understand, we have Words. Krita is not *gone*.
    But Brainstorm, Flow and Stage?!?! We don’t have any alternatives for this!!!

    Congrats for the rest of the developers hard work, but i still see this as a sad release.

    (even not having new features these three programs should be in… LibreOffice’s horrible Base has basically no improvements in a few years either and they still don’t let it out…)

    • boemann says:

      Well Flow and Stage should return, but right now we felt it more important to send the signal that we are alive and get ourselves a place to improve from.

      • maverick74 says:

        Don’t get me wrong… i understand there are few resources and that most people live around libreoffice. But Calligra is very important. It’s fresh code done right. A new hope!

        What’s the best/closest within calligra to braindump?

        (it’s very sad loosing that one… would be good to see it return along with the other two…)

      • maverick74 says:

        There’s one thing that i might be getting wrong… you mentioned you removed Brainstorm… Is that a typo and you’re referring to Braindump or is it that Brainstorm != Braindump?

        • boemann says:

          oops yes I meant braindump

          • maverick74 says:


            so… What’s the best/closest alternative (within calligra) to braindump?

            is there anything that can do the same?

          • boemann says:

            I have no idea – I’ve never used braindump. I reckon that the answer depends on exactly how you used it.

            All I know is that the developer left Calligra several years ago stating that the approach taken with braindump was wrong and that something new and better should be developed

  6. Eli says:

    How to install version 3 in Kanotix?

  7. will says:

    What will happen with calligra gemini? are there any plans?

  8. Edmund Christian Herenz says:

    I have to say that I’m a bit sad to see Flow not being in here, as it is one of the tools that I have used to generate diagrams for my work, and that I quite liked.

  9. Christo says:

    Ouch! and I thought I’ve found something that will do everything I need for my new venture. You lost all the important stuff for an integrated work environment, especially the common file format for all of it. I’m a Linux newbie looking for Windows replacements and improvements on that.

    This may be out of place since maverick74 wants an equivalent for Braindump Within Calligra. I’m sure you know of FreeMind with a .mm file format. That why you lost Braindump?

    • maverick74 says:


      Thanks for your suggestion πŸ˜€ (i already knew about their site, but discarded it – don’t like much about java-based apps)

      But Thanks a lot for the suggestion πŸ˜€

    • boemann says:

      That is conceptually sort of what I have in mind for pagesetup. The proposal however will not work as it doesn’t take sections into consideration. Also I want more direct manipulation like we already do for tables

  10. Adrian says:

    So Calligra is still alive… Great to know! πŸ˜€ So much time (like one year?) without any news made me think it had become abandonware. Nice to see that I was wrong.

    I also applaud the disvinculation from Krita. It never made much sense to have such a potent and advanced photo editing and artistic drawing tool in an office suite; it’s not the “family” Krita belongs to, it would belong more to an hypothetic graphics and design suite with Digikam, for example. So, I think you’ve taken a good decision.

    BTW, I was installing Calligra while I was typing this, and now it has finished I see that Words isn’t translate, but especially that it doesn’t hide the right panel with Ctrl + H anymore, like it would do before. It instead, when pressing Ctrl + H, opens the search & replace dialog at the bottom of the window. Is it a bug or it’s something intended? Which is the way in this 3.x release to hide that big fat panel whch isn’t used during most of the time one is writing? I loved when it was possible to hide it and have two instances of Words one beside the other and compare documents, take material from one and paste into the other, etc. Now that isn’t viable, even on 16:9 screens; the panel takes too much space. I hope there’s a way to hide it, is it?

    Big regards, and congratulations for the new release! πŸ™‚

    • Isabel says:

      Please, developers, answer the users’ questions. I can confirm this bug: the lateral panel can’t be hidden (or I haven’t found how). As the former commenter said, most of the time we are typing, not giving format, adding footnotes, drawing lines, making tables, etc, and the panel takes a lot of screen space. How can we hide it? If it’s not possible actually, please add it for future releases.

      Let me end with a little complaint I hope you take as a good willed one: Ignoring users’ well argumented comments is a very, very bad way of gaining our support and our will to cooperate, donate, advertise, etc, anything. :-/ I say this because it’s not the first, nor the 2nd nor the 3rd… time I see contemptuous attitudes like that.

      Have a nice day. πŸ™‚

      • boemann says:

        It’s not that I don’t want to comment, but I haven’t had time to look into this. I’m not ignoring anything – In fact I’ve been answering a lot of questions. It may be a bug It may not – Until I find time to check it out I can’t give an answer.

        • Isabel says:

          Sorry if I sounded rude; wasn’t my intention, I just have seen that some questions are answered and other’s aren’t so I got a wrong impression.

          Thanks for explaining. πŸ™‚

  11. Adrian says:

    Oh, BTW, I’ve clicked the “Support Calligra” button but I’m only offered the options to onate to KDE, Krita, which is not part of the suite anymore, and Kexi. Well, I don’t want to donate to any of those projects. Not that I have anything against them, but I’ve already donated to KDE few weeks ago, and about Kexi, I’ve never used it nor I think I ever will, and Krita, I use it very scarcely and think it has a very good “health” so my money would be much more useful if I could donate exclusively to Calligra’s team.

    An let me end with a suggestion: Have you thought of adding support to create and edit Markdown documents? I think it’s a language that is becoming increasingly used and interesting for formatting text in a quick and easy way, and with no need for heavy and complex editors nor viewers. It has become my favorite way to make drafts in a hurry and even beguin formatting the document while I wait at the dentist’s office, for example. There are many Markdown editors for PC, mobiles, and web apps, but none that I know of is really WYSIWYG but usually work on a two panel view. Words could expand it’s capabilites and be also a Markdown editor, working as usual in a full WYSIWYG way but letting the user to chose MD format when saving his/her documents. Sure not all the layouting and format possibilities that ODT has are possible in MD, but there are many powerful MD implementations (GitHub’s, for example) that can cover most of the needs of the average user of document processor software.
    Think about it, MD is a very convenient format and Markdown editors are very light applications that one can use comfortably when on the bus or metro. on an average mobile phone and synchronize the documents with the cloud and then continue working at home doing in Words all those things that MD is limited to do.


  12. Paul Miller says:

    Braindump was a very promising program and if it had got to a stage where it was stable and some of the bugs had been ironed out then I would have considered supporting Calligra.

    There are very few open source equivalents to Braindump and it seems madness to drop it from the office suite, but it’s your decision.

    But just to let you know, you have lost a follower of the progress of Calligra, without Braindump Calligra has little to reccommend it over Apache Office or Libre Office.

    • boemann says:

      We are sorry you feel this way. It’s not our decision as such to drop it – but there is no one around to give it the love needed for it to take the jump into the new framework. The developer of Braindump is not active anymore, and technically it was built on a wrong foundation, so it would be wrong to invest a lot of time for a new developer to port it over, only to start over again in a couple of months. If any developer out there is willing to create a new “Braindump” please get in contact with us. We would love to have such an application in our suite

      • maverick74 says:

        Please boemann, if you get any news about anyone stepping up to Braindump, or when you decide about a release date to Stage and Flow, let us know about it.

        I tend to see this as a snowball effect: no news > people start thinking the project is dying > people loose interest >……… (you know where i’m going…)

        So, ANY news are good for the project.

        I really think we need some publicity/marketing and to generate a great image around Calligra and bring developers to it… i don’t know how to do it, but i believe we need it. Calligra is such a great suite. It’s very sad if we let it die!!!


  13. seden says:

    Indeed, even as to tell there no progress, a post can be related to a wide array of subject. What is of value being the fact the project is still ongoing (not anbandoned).

    About braindump, if the device left it because of the design, did he/she drop also from coding further?

    If still active, another application could exist? (wild guess).

  14. Carl says:

    Sounds like a premium Mac suite. Words needs to be a classy product to do justice to the brand. Word completion on the fly, full customization, themes, that sort of thing, without compromising speed. Libre Office is sooo Slow. It’s a snail, and you can’t assign unicode characters to keyboard shortcuts, which is laughable. Apache doesn’t have a print current page for crying out loud, though they both have ace word completion. Textmaker doesn’t have word completion or option to suppress double spaces, and so on and on. The opportunity is there to be the pick of the bunch. Calligra. I like it.

    • Isabel says:

      Great point. Word completion should be “obligatory” nowadays xDD; even the cheapest mobile, has it since years ago! I don’t know anything about software development, but Kate has word completion too. Dear devs, Couldn’t Words take Kate’s code that makes word completion possible? AFAIK all KDE software i made followind the same foundations and with integration and compatibility in mind, no?

      • boemann says:

        It’s unfortunately not possible to take anything from Kate. Although we share a lot of framework we a lot more complicated and different stuff than kate, so it’s not directly possible. Moreover we have a lot of other stuff that has a higher priority, but a new developer willing to implement this would be very welcome

  15. Chris says:

    I’ve only just come across flow. It seems to be the only decent open diagramming tool available that is reasonably close in function to omnigraffle. +1 continued effort towards flow!